Taxidermy & Tea

The Pop-up

Initially produced as a Halloween event (but also popping up after popular demand for Spring)The Robin Collective joined forces with Animal Vegetable Mineral and Amanda Sutton of Amanda’s Autopsies to present Taxidermy & Tea.


Attendees were given the opportunity to learn the ancient art of taxidermy and indulge in an incredible afternoon Tea at the Tour de Force Theatre, Hackney.

The event hosted the ultimate afternoon tea banquet, mixing modern experimental cooking techniques with time-honoured English tradition.  Alongside Earl Grey and crumpets, visitors were able to inhale Victoria sponge cake from balloons and sip cucumber sandwich punch.


Scones with Earl Grey Butter

Inhale-able Victoria Sponge Cake

Cucumber Sandwich Punch

Candy Floss Trees

Crunchy Bagel Bunting

'Smash'ing Chocolate Sculptures

Participating Artists & Designers

Animal Vegetable Mineral

Amanda Sutton

Natasha Mason

Philippa Warr

Jessica Klingelfuss