Creating Senses Orchard

The Pop-up

​The aim was to create an installation for the Wrigleys launch of their Sense 5 gum, for more than 700 guests. The pop-up would need to incorporate two senses: smell and taste.  For the dark, baron catacombs of The Arches Club (London Bridge), nothing seemed more apt than an orchard, an oasis of sweet smells and tastes that party-goers could simply stumble across.

After several days baking, sourcing greenery from Hyde Park to Dorset and creating a suitable soundtrack, the whole installation was put together on the day of the launch party, turning an empty, stone clad railway arch into a surreal orchard, complete with atmospheric daylight, birdsong, grass-coloured carpeting and scented smoke.​


Visitors made light work of the hundreds of marshmallow and meringue fruits that they were able to pick themselves, as well as the occasional jelly snake.

With a background soundtrack, comprising of recordings made in meadows, in addition to the smell of cut-grass, the room made a wonderful place to relax; for Londoners, this small green oasis could not have been more appreciated.


Marshmallow Fruit

Jelly Snakes

Meringue Mushrooms / Walnuts

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Hattie Newman