Medicinal Marshmallows

Puffy-stuffy gooey-ooey marshmallow madness...

Imagine if you could cure all ills with one, squidgy marshmallow mouthful.

We think you can and that's why we invented Medicinal Marshmallows.

It's amazing the problems a marshmallow munch can solve.


Lovesick? Try our chilli and chocolate flavour to get you in the mood again.

Scared to talk to the ladies (or indeed men)? Why not have a ginger and rosewater to get those juices flowing.

We can create an infinite number of home-made flavours that will open your eyes to the possibility of a cure-all candy.

Let's not worry about antibiotic-immunity. Grab your nearest Medicinal Marshmallow and get chomping. 

Available Medicinal Marshmallow flavours include;

THE PLACEBO (vanilla)

THE PICK-ME-UP (chocolate . coffee . raw caffeine)

THE APHRODISIAC (rose . ginger . chilli)

THE IMMUNE BOOSTER (vanilla . royal jelly)


THE SCURVY BUSTER (lemon . raspberry)
THE COUGH DROP (elderberry . horehound)
THE ANTI-MALARIAL (gin . tonic)
THE COCKNEY QUICK FIX (bourbon . black treacle)
THE BROKEN HEART MENDER (red wine . cracked black pepper)
THE SANDMAN (coriander seed . caramel)