Cafe du
Pique Nique

Last Legs
Veterinary Clinic

For just one week, while the wind, rain and road users raged outside, it was possible to enjoy a relaxing indoor picnic, in a perfect grassy setting, in contented warmth.

While we had a small window of rain-free summer, we decided to take full advantage and hold events that often can’t be held in this country, even in the summer – “outdoor” cinema, a festival, a beer garden pub quiz and, of course, ongoing picnics.

For Halloween, The Robin Collective teamed up with Last Legs Veterinary Clinic (an amateur veterinary clinic) and Hapsburg Absinthe to bring London a party unlike any other seen before.

"Normally you have to train for about 8 years to become a vet but with Last Legs Veterinary Clinic it only takes £8"

The Hive

Crypto Tours

The Robin Collective transformed a derelict shop in Leather Lane, Central London into a human-size bee hive into which members of the public could 'wiggle' their way into.

Complete with delights of flowering plants, grass and artificial sunshine, we drew attention of the decline of our humble honey bee.

As part of the Barbican Surreal House exhibition, The Robin Collective lead cryptozoological tours round their grand conservatories. 

Participants learned some of the art of cryptozoology and had a chance to explore the jungle in search of some amazing, if shy, crypto-critters.

Taxidermy & Tea

Taxidermy & Tea
Spring Special

The T&T Spring Special saw The Robin Collective once more create an intimate opportunity for visitors to learn more about taxidermy whilst supping tea- this time with a spring theme.

Working on a rabbit, attendees watched this little bunny return to life (as it were) whilst munching on a specially designed Easter treats table.

The event hosted the ultimate afternoon tea banquet, mixing modern experimental cooking techniques with a time-honoured English tradition. 

Attendees were given the opportunity to learn the ancient art of taxidermy and indulge in an incredible Afternoon Tea at the 'Tour de Force Theatre', Hackney.



Creating Senses Orchard

Marshmallow Apothecary

With marshmallows hanging from the trees ready for passers-by to get their teeth into, edible grass and the sweet smell of cut lawn and ripe apples being pumped into the room - this hidden orchard really pervaded all the senses!

Popping up across London, our traveling Medicinal Marshmallow bar, Marshmallow Apothecary, offers consultations and prescriptions for all that ails you.

Case Studies

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