Case Studies

We're ready to make your event a success and work with all types of brands and products to produce outstanding projects.

Our team has worked with PR consultancies and directly with brand companies to create innovative food that compliments each product or event.

Holiday Inn

Limited Magical Mealtime kits were created to complement the pre-eixisting children's menu across the UK and Germany. Each kit included six interactive items that encouraged children to play with their food.


Exploding Herb Sprinkle

Flavour-changing Straws (Roast Dinner, Fruit Salad & Cheese Noodles)

Sparkling Sherbet (Tomato Salad & Cherry Pie)

Toast Boat Kits

Ketchup Piping Bags

Chocolate Spoons


Participating Artists & Designers

Kimberly C. Abbott

Katy Edelesten

Megan Harwood

Poppy Wilson St. James

Catherine Owen

Alex Waring

Ashlee Ackland



Pinkberry Yoghurt

Limited edition seasonal flavours were produced for this leading frozen yoghurt retailer. Flavours were created to compliment already existing yoghurt flavours of the brand.

Santa's Beard

(vanilla sesame seed candy floss with edible glitter)

Christmas Tree

(coconut infused with pine and decorated with pearled white chocolate baubles and Christmas tree infused syrup)

Partridge in a Pear Tree

(toasted nutmeg cereal with pear & cardamom compote)

The White Blackbird

Working as one of the ongoing contributors to the infamous White Blackbird country house parties, The Robin Collective delivered a series of projects including The Travelling Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar and Love Potion No. 9, the ultimate aphrodisiac cocktail. Guests to these gatherings were able to sample and learn about the science behind food and drink.


Mojito Sorbet

Robin's Mum's Famous Browned Bread & Brandy Ice Cream

Wild Berry & Cracked Black Pepper Ice Cream

The 2099 Flake (the Flake of the future)


The Science Museum


Over the course of National Space Week, The Robin Collective worked with astronauts and The Science Museum to create a feast from out of this world. Diners could sample foods specially formulated for floating in space whilst sipping glowing Jupiter Juice cocktails.

Astrological Mapped Tortillas

World's Strongest Cheese

Space Salads with Sweet Caviar

Jupiter Juice Cocktails

Participating Artists & Designers

Andrew Stellitano



Late Lunch with Kotki Dwa

Adorned with raw chicken hats and our lunch-lady uniforms, The Robin Collective dished out various science fiction foods to help promote the launch of the EP record 'Late Lunch' by Kotki Dwa.

Sausage Grass Snakes

Glow-in-the-dark Jam Sandwiches

Participating Artists & Designers

Hattie Newman

Natasha Mason

Ping Pong


In celebration of Chinese New Year, The Robin Collective created a series of fortune-telling chopsticks. Each pair of chopsticks were made to represent a different Chinese element and would change colour by hand heat transfer.

Participating Artists & Designers

Hattie Feiber

Kimberly C. Abbott

Katy Edelsten

Ffion Harman

Alex Waring